Making a welcoming space for guests

One of the main reasons we are making the move to this new home is to have space for guests.  Neither of us have parents or siblings in town, so we have frequent visitors.  They currently sleep on our pull-out sofa in the living room and it is less than ideal.

Our new home has a separate bedroom with en-suite bath on the entry level of the home, which is a full two floors away from our bedroom.  This layout is awesome for our guests so they can have a little space of their own.

The bedroom itself doesn’t need much besides paint, refinishing the floors and adding a light fixture to the ceiling (along with doors and trims which we plan to do in the entire home).  We are going to put our existing bedroom furniture in there, plus a new dresser and nightstands (ours aren’t the right size).

downstairs guest

My mom specifically requested a paint color, Iceberg from Benjamin Moore, which I used in my bathroom at my parents’ home.  She loves it there and wants it everywhere!  We love our current purple bedding, but don’t want to use it in our new bedroom, so we are going to use it in the guest room.  Light blue/green walls and a purple duvet aren’t a perfect pairing, so I found a rug that incorporates both colors to help it make sense.  It is fun and relatively inexpensive, so we are able to complete this room on a budget and still create a welcoming and cohesive space for all of our favorite people!  I threw some little nightstands in there for my own reference, though I am leaning toward something white and rectangular.

Guest bedroom

The bathroom does need a little more love.  It currently has a pedestal sink, dated fixtures and the tile is a little banged up (aside from being tired looking).  I have never been a lover of pedestal sinks.  A big, cool, vintage pedestal in a great powder room, sure!  But as the main vanity in a bathroom that is large enough to accommodate a full cabinet, it just doesn’t make sense.  It has no storage and no counter space.

I want to bring in some cool funk and not go crazy at the same time as this will be a lesser used bath so I don’t want to blow the budget on it.  I found some awesome tile for the floor and a cute vanity that is pretty cost effective.  Some cheap white subway tile will freshen up the space a lot and be bright and beautiful.  I will add two LED can lights in the ceiling so there is ample light in the bathroom.  I will continue the paint color into the bathroom.  Gotta keep the mama happy 🙂

Guest Bath

I hope it is a space that our friends and family will love!  Who is coming to visit first?

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